VOLLENHOVE _ Under brand new management, Royal Huisman dropped a bombshell on the eve of the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. It revealed a 40m. (130ft.) sailing yacht project, called Pura, that is radically different from the classics that dominate its portfolio.

The ‘Pura,’ says Royal Huisman, “represents a new build opportunity.”

Available in 3 versions _ classic, retro and whatever you dream up _ it’s the collaborative fruit of Frers Design and Royal Huisman’s inhouse designers. Pura lets buyers shape the hull, deck and superstructure to their taste. Architect Mani Frers has even drawn different bow and stern profiles, hull sheer and superstructure. The yard says already that already 80% of the engineering has been done, leaving the remainder to the owner’s own specifications.

Pura is not just another drop-dead gorgeous sail project. Royal Huisman is serving notice here it is keeping up with the times. And in an age of ever dominant motor yachts, Royal Huisman is determined to remain a niche market leader through innovation and adaptation.

Pura caps 2 difficult years at Royal Huisman that ended in a management shuffle. On Aug. 1, Jan Timmerman replaced CEO Roemer Boogaard. Timmerman has managed international companies active in premium coated aluminum and lighting solutions. Dutch Yachtbuilding understands Boogaard _ who came to Royal Huisman in 2016 from the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution – was a good people manager, but did not connect well with Royal Huisman clients.

Royal Huisman is not abandoning classic sailing yachts, but seriously spreading its expertise to modern performance sailing yachts. Like the 57m. (191ft.) Ngoni, launched last year. In recent years, it also turned to designing modern motor yachts.