Anti-Roll system by DMS Holland

KERKDRIEL – DMS Holland has gone more than one extra mile to find management expertise that can locate and expand business opportunities for the developer and maker of boat stabilization systems.

DMS Holland’s new CEO, Theo Hoen, has more than 30 years of experience in making processing equipment for the poultry sector.

Theo Hoen

And, you ask, how can he help a maker of proprietary boat stabilization systems? “I have always strived to be involved with companies at the cutting edge of innovation in their field,” says Hoen.

“That’s why I was delighted to take on this new role at DMS Holland. In this phase of my career I am privileged to be able to choose where I work. DMS Holland fully meets my selection criteria: working with good people and innovative products of great potential.”

Founded in 2012, DMS has made good tracks in its first 8 years. It started out with the DMS MagnusMaster retractable rotor stabilizer for semi-displacement yachts up to 30m. It has to date sold 300 such systems. Later it added the DMS Universal control system and the DMS AntiRoll, for slow sailing yachts of 30m+ boats.

DMS Holland’s MagnusMaster stabilizer

Hoen will take charge of marketing the DMS Wavemaster. Now under development, the Wavemaster steadies anchored yachts by keeping their bows into the wind. DMS is relying less on outsourcing and doing more inhouse manufacturing.

DMS also plans to market the DMS All-in-One fin stabilizer system. It is currently testing this patented system, based on the DMS AntiRoll, for performance, safety, user-friendliness, durability and quality.

Hoen is bullish on DMS’ opportunities. “The company has proven it can create groundbreaking solutions,” he says. “My role will be to ensure we keep our sights on the horizon. We are going to introduce exceptional new products.”

DMS Holland has just hired a mechanical engineer and is looking for a salesperson.