New VETUS gas/water separator – Unit is made for high-output engines

SCHIEDAM, January 2017 ~ VETUS has put on the market a new member of its family of gas/water separators. The LGS9075 is designed for high-output engines of up to 125HP and is engineered to fit larger 91mm exhaust systems.

Like its smaller relatives, this separator is easy to install, courtesy of two 360-degree rotating hose connections. Mount the separator vertically using the stainless steel bracket and turn the hose connections any way you desire to ensure the best alignment of the hoses.

Rotating hose connections ensure easy installation and cause less stress on the hoses itself. The LGS9075 has a capacity of 20 liters and a 51mm. connection. The separator’s compact design makes sure it will fit most boats, has a stainless-steel mounting bracket and features a built-in silencer due to a gooseneck design. It has easy-to-install rotating hose connections and a large cooling water drain of 51 mm.

For over 50 years, VETUS has been developing innovative systems for recreational and small commercial boats.