Vaan R4: A hotel-chic cat with more than 9 lives

HELLEVOETSLUIS _ Cats, they say, are so fleet-footed, they have 9 lives. But the 12.4m (42ft.) cats Igor Kluin, founder of Vaan Yachts, is going to build from recycled materials will live even longer.

More than 50% of the hull of his Vaan R4 luxury catamaran sailing yacht is made from recycled aluminum. Stuff like old windows, traffic signs, car tags, etc. Some parts contain more than 75% ‘circular’ materials. Stuff like cork, linen and other plant-based alternatives to leather.

“By looking at materials and design in a different and innovative way, you can even make a luxury yacht circular,” says Kluin. He precures recycled aluminum from Norway’s Hydro aluminum maker – the first such circular application in the yacht building industry.

The Vaan R4 ticks premier sailing and sustainability boxes. “Most cats are good for entertaining, but lack sailing qualities,” he says. “By combining sailing excitement with a well-designed and crafted interior, the R4 will appeal to both sailors and their loved ones.”

Igor Kluin

He plans to launch the first Vaan R4 soon and is taking pre-orders. He plans to build a “limited number” in the next 2 years at an “estimated starting price” of €399.000 + VAT.

He earned his green spurs as founder of the Dutch energy company Qurrent. His venture into sustainable sailing has won him support from, among others, Dykstra Naval Architects Managing Director Thijs Nikkels.

The 14.5 (42ft) Vaan R4 targets active sailors.

R4 12.4m catamaran

Kluin doesn’t want you steering from the roof. His cat has a sporty, open transom and twin wheels. There is no cockpit cover, but a modest bimini, a massive deck saloon with an indoor dining table and full kitchen. It sits at the same level as the cockpit but is separated from it by glass. The cockpit holds a 2nd dining table for outside dining. There are2 luxury hulls, for the owner and guests.

“On the inside all yachts tend to look very similar,” says interior designer and Vaan Yachts co-owner Nienke van’t Klooster. “We drew inspiration from hotel design and innovative materials. It creates a sense of exclusivity.”