Van der Valk launches 1st BeachClub, is building 2

WAALWIJK – Van der Valk Shipyard has launched its first 19m BeachClub motor yacht, a radical design that puts the engine under the swimming platform creating much space in the heart of the yacht where the engine room usually sits.

Making the BeachClub’s unusual layout possible are Ginton Naval Architects, designer Cor D. Rover and the compactness of 2 Volvo Penta IPS-950 engines that render a top speed of 25 knots.

Van der Valk BeachClub-600

This newsletter recently toured the BeachClub 600 and was struck by the remarkable amount of interior volume and space. Having the engine room all the way back, creates a long corridor inside with access to the 3 cabins. The sense of space is  enhanced by liberal use of glass, with all-round views from the 2 lounges and master suite.

The Van der Valk BeachClub is available from 62 to 120ft (19.05 to 34m) with 10 ft increments in between. Van der Valk sees sunny future for its BeachClub series.

The 19m BeachClub-600 will be shown at major boat shows in the months ahead.
The unusual design offers lots of room on the lower deck and 3 outdoor zones: the 14 m² beach deck (with a sun lounge), a 17 m² cockpit deck with outside steering and a 25 m² foredeck.

There is an upper salon with panoramic views, a lower deck lounge that leads to the beach club and its stunning glass doors. Van der Valk will show the BeachClub-600 at major boat shows. It is available for sale + 2 slightly longer ones now in build in a 660 model.

Van der Valk has been building yachts in steel and aluminum since 1967. It made a name for itself with its semi-custom Continental series. The yard also delivers full custom craft.