Van der Valk Raised Pilot House

WAALWIJK – Van der Valk Shipyard has struck a collaborative deal with Italy’s Hot Lab design studio that will see the Milan company give its 26m Pilot yacht series a “super-inspiring interior.”

“This marriage between premium Dutch yacht building and Italian design flair is going to lead to something very special indeed,” says Van der Valk Sales and Marketing Manager Yoeri Bijker  “When adding a new range to our portfolio, like the Pilot, it was crucial that the interior design had the quality to match.”

Van der Valk  Pilot House

Hot Lab plans to give the Van der Valk series an “extra cool glowing with space, light and natural colors.” This 26m Pilot crossover motor yacht has a rugged explorer-like exterior with  lots of outdoor space, plenty of interior volume and a raised pilothouse.

“Our goal is to ensure a fantastic sense of comfort for the modern explorer Pilot,” says Antonio Romano, Hot Lab Marketing Director. “We’re creating a super-inspiring interior that is precisely designed and detailed throughout.”

The main materials used will be brushed oak, white birch, white glossy lacquered woods, white leather, ceramic white and chrome, says Hot Lab Design Director Enrico Lumini. Clients will have a choice of turquoise and yellow color schemes.