Van Oossanen – From ‘winged keel’ to advanced fluid dynamics

WAGENINGEN, September 2017 ~ Few companies have left a larger footprint on yacht building than Van Oossanen. For the 1983 America’s Cup, founder Peter van Oossanen crafted a revolutionary ‘winged keel’ that won the Cup for Australia.

At the time, he worked for the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands. In 1992, he started his own company that today boasts a peerless legacy of innovation _ in recreational and superyachts as well as commercial and navy vessels.

In the past 8 years, Van Oossanen developed a Fast Displacement Hull Form. “Fast motor yachts have hard chine hull which is good for planing,” says Perry van Oossanen, Peter’s son, who now runs the company. But most often yachts sail in displacement mode.

The FDHF on a round bilge hull creates more speed and “can save 10 to 15% in fuel costs at maximum speed. Compared to a semi-displacement hull, this can go up to 20 or 30%,” says Van Oossanen.

oossanen02The FDHF benefits yachts made of steel, aluminium and composite materials and on boats from 15m and up. Van Oossanen is working on 3 patented evolutions. The most advanced is the Fast Displacement XL® _ which will be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this month _ which guarantees max length within the 300 and 500GT limits and delivers a high degree of onboard comfort and stability.

Coming over the horizon are the BE-3 concept for fast trimaran yachts and the Gran Displacement, a hull design that also includes the Van Oossanen-patented Hull Vane®, an underwater spoiler. The Hull Vane® influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift which is partially oriented forward.

Corporate Snapshot

Van Oossanen invests over 30% of its time in R&D. This has led to innovative, patented hull forms _ for commercial vessels and yachts _ with greatly enhanced performance in terms of speed, fuel savings and sailing comfort.

Van Oossanen will attend the 2017 METSTRADE show displaying a model of an FDHF with an integrated Hull Vane® (stand no. 11.517)
Van Oossanen Naval Architects BV, Nude 46, 6702 DM Wageningen, Netherlands /