VETUS adds 15-liter version to its NLP lineup

SCHIEDAM – Its unique three-chamber design technology reduces sound by an incredible 10dB more than our already very quiet traditional water locks.

The inlet chamber can be rotated 360° to ensure a tailor-made fitment in even the most confined spaces. Just like its smaller siblings, the 15-liter version of the NLP fits multiple hose diameters: 60, 75 and 90 mm.

The NLP3 design features an increased capacity to 15 liters. It has a low height – of only 155mm – for use of the water lock in confined spaces on board.

The NLP3 has fully rotational inlet chambers for easy installations. The system comes supplied with 2 synthetic securing straps and cable ties.

VETUS grants, as standard, 3 years of warranty on its equipment. The warranty on all its engines and generators is even 5 years.