Vetus’ compact, oh-so-quiet rimdrive thruster

SCHIEDAM _ Vetus’ RIMDRIVE thruster is silent because the propeller is the rotating part of the electric magnet motor and, secondly, a ring mounted around the propeller, prevents the prop tips from cutting through the water. That prevents cavitation and noise! The proportional speed control also helps to prevent cavitation.

Compared to conventional thrusters, the electric motor takes up little space inside the boat. The prop forms the rotating part of the electric motor (rotor) and the fixed winding (stator) is mounted in the tunnel. The motor control circuitry is mounted on top of the thruster with the significant advantage of being cooled by water in the tunnel. Maintaining a constant temperature in this circuitry is vital for the proper operation of the motor.

The RIMDRIVE features proportional control as standard, meaning the right amount of thrust is always available for different manoeuvres and wind conditions. Furthermore, the RIMDRIVE offers virtually unlimited runtime, with the only limitation being the capacity of the battery bank.

Unique features:
• No carbon brushes
• Silent operation due to a virtually cavitation free propeller and no use of gears
• Proportional control as standard
• Virtually unlimited runtime
• Easy to install
• Maintenance free
• Lock the thruster at any speed and hold the boat alongside the dock
• Can be used as a stern thruster
• Suitable for aluminum, steel and GRP boats