This is the third article in a 3-part series on VETUS’ electric propulsion strategy

SCHIEDAM – Boaters exploring electric propulsion always have this question: “When does the power run out? How long can I sail? Answers VETUS, the Dutch developer, maker and marketer of marine engines that just launched its E-LINE electric motors: “A full day, easily!”

For both the E-POD and E-LINE systems, speed has a major influence on the range, requiring a specific battery pack. For example: based on a 7m (23ft.) tender (1200 kg) with 1.32 kWh useable battery capacity, the range is approximately 48nm at 2 knots; 20nm at 3 knots and 10nm at 4 knots.

VETUS E-LINE electric engine

The E-LINE and E-POD systems can be used in conjunction with a VETUS 48V BOW PRO proportional bow or stern thruster connected to the same battery bank.

The 7.5 kW, 48V VETUS E-POD package is a compact electric propulsion system including propeller, pod and drive, for smooth, silent boating on power and sailboats of up to 25ft.

The specially designed enclosed propeller minimizes cavitation noise and improves the effective thrust to increase efficiency, ensuring comfortable cruising at low speeds.

With no rotating or vibrating parts on-board, the all-in-one VETUS E-POD system operates with no noise and is simply mounted in the stern of the vessel with no need for a shaft or other drive components.

There is minimal room required inside the boat, so more of the interior living and storage space can be opened up when using the E-POD than with any other propulsion solution.

In developing its new technology further with the E-POD, VETUS relied on the test services of MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, which found it much more efficient than a conventional prop and requiring lower power to propel the boat.

With the complete unit residing beneath the boat and no shafts or rotating parts, boat owners will have more room left inside their boat. Once the E-LINE or E-POD is installed, the only requirement is to wire in the battery bank and the VCAN control wiring.

VETUS gives standard a 3-year warranty on equipment, and a 5-year warranty on engines.