VETUS E-Line lets you soak up nature, in silence

SCHIEDAM – The VETUS E-Line engine lets you experience the power and control of a motorboat, but silently. The E-Line is the fruit of years of electric propulsion R&D by the Dutch boat systems maker and lets you control your boat as usual but all you’ll hear is the water!

VETUS says its key aim in the design process of the E-Line was to make the electric propulsion experience virtually identical to the feeling of sailing with an internal combustion engine – minus the noise, of course.

VETUS e-line

The E-Line motor accelerates more powerfully and faster than a diesel engine. In addition, a gearbox and clutch are not required for electric propulsion. Therefore, when reversing the propeller, the complete high-speed electric motor must immediately come to a full stop and then rotate in the opposite direction. To facilitate a quick reverse power maneuver, VETUS has developed Active Electronic Braking.

With the VETUS E-LINE, you can look forward to long days on the water with peace of mind. Due to the innovative liquid cooling, the VETUS E-line lets you benefit from the maximum power from the motor and the batteries for a full day on the water without any limitations.

The monitoring panels ensure the energy levels are easy to gauge and, with the right battery pack, you can sail all day long.

The VETUS mission in the field of electric boating is to provide compact, complete, highly efficient, and plug & play systems that are suitable for both new and existing vessels.

The VETUS electric propulsion system functions with our V-CAN bus system and meets emission requirements. Noiseless, adjustable and equipped with comprehensive protection against overload, the VETUS system is the ideal companion for a comfortable trip.