Vetus E-POD, a complete and compact system

SCHIEDAM – After introducing its E-Line engines last year, Vetus has unveiled an addition to the electric propulsion family: the E-Pod which combines the motor, suspension, cooling, gearbox, clutch, propeller shaft, propeller in one compact and complete system.


The Vetus E-Pod saves onboard space as there’s no more need for an engine box and a propeller shaft sticking through the hull. In fact, as it opens floor space, a completely new boat design is possible.

The 48V, 61-kilogram (134.5 lbs.) E-Pod motor accelerates more powerfully and faster than a diesel engine. By reversing the E-Pod, the high-speed electric motor must immediately stop and rotate in the opposite direction.

To quickly reverse power – akin to using a clutch – Vetus has developed Active Electronic Braking. There are 2 other unique features: ‘battery protection function’ and ‘boosted battery function.’

Vetus has long been a leader in marine system innovations. For half a century, the Dutch company has been an internationally operating developer, manufacturer and trading company, selling marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels.

By now, its catalog stretches across 4,000 technical products, mostly or partly designed by Vetus’ engineering team.