SCHIEDAM – VETUS pioneered electric propulsion with its EP2200. Today, 20 years on, the company introduces an entirely new, all-in-one electric propulsion package consisting of 5 modules.

These modules – propulsion, control, monitoring, energy storage and energy supply – make multiple choices and combinations possible for each type of boat. VETUS, the ‘Creator of Boat Systems,’ has added “Electric Propulsion” as an entirely new system in its portfolio.

The VETUS electric propulsion system integrates with the VETUS V-CAN bus system and, of course, meets all emission requirements. Noiseless, infinitely adjustable and equipped with comprehensive protection against overload: ideal for a long day on the water with peace of mind.

The cleverly applied liquid cooling provides maximum power from the motor and the maximum range from the batteries. VETUS makes electric boating compact, complete, very efficient, plug & play and suitable for new and existing vessels.

The VETUS Electric Propulsion system offers advanced features, including:

Active Electric Braking: The E-LINE motor and E-POD system accelerate more powerfully and faster than a diesel engine. Also, a gearbox and clutch are not required for electric propulsion. When reversing the prop, the complete high-speed electric motor has to immediately come to a stop and rotate in the opposite direction. VETUS has developed Active Electric Braking for the E-LINE and E-POD e-drive systems.

Battery Protection function: ensures that the battery pack is not unnecessarily damaged, and the service life cycle of the batteries is protected. To prevent excessive battery pack discharges, the patented Motor Controller of VETUS e-drives monitors the state of charge.

Boosted Battery Charge function: a 24 VDC charger can be used to charge up the required 48 VDC battery pack for propulsion. This is an economic advantage as the 24 VDC battery charger is more common.  .

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