Vetus engines – Innovation through design

SCHIEDAM, May 2017 ~ The boat equipment business Willem van den Ouden started in 1964 has grown far beyond what its founder imagined. Today, Vetus is a globe-girding developer, manufacturer and trading company. It markets marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels. Its catalog brims with more than 2,700 products.

Vetus has been developing marine engines since 1974. “We still do that here in Schiedam,” says Marketing Manager Babette van Waes. Vetus works from basic Deutz, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Hyundai engine blocks for its M, D, VF and VH engine lines, respectively.

“We get basic engine blocks from these companies that we transform into marine engines and equip with electrical systems,” says Van Waes. “Vetus’ 25-strong engine development team is part of the company’s international R&D department. It includes mechanical engineers, industrial designers and electronic and electric experts.”

Yanmar Group acquired Vetus in 2013. And while Yanmar and Vetus engines may be assembled in the same plant, the 2 companies run their own engine development and sales campaigns.

A good example of that: the innovation Vetus applied 3 years ago to its M-line engines (photo) which were given a cast aluminum top cover. It includes a water-cooled element to absorb radiant engine heat. It yields a heat reduction of 20%. The cover can be used as a step, making it easier to move around the engine.

Vetus engines serve different clients and markets. The M-Line series is for many types of boats; launches, sailing yachts, canal boats and small cabin cruisers. The H-Line series is for cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats, The F-Line range of modern high-speed common-rail diesel engines is for planing and semi-planing speed boats. The D-Line common-rail engines for heavy displacement boats.