VETUS highlights TMW series of marine toilets

SCHIEDAM – A very appropriate product in the age of the corona virus from VETUS, the Dutch developer, maker and marketeer of marine engines and other gear for recreational craft and small commercial vessels.

VETUS says now is a good time to highlight its TMW series Marine Toilets. An upgraded version has a soft-close seat and lid with quick release as standard.

The competitively priced toilet is a welcome alternative to hand-pumped toilets. The TMW series is operated by your choice of a rocker switch or an electronic control panel that is sold separately.

TMW series toilets, available in 12 and 24V versions, have professional grade macerators with stainless steel blades. Macerated waste will flow fast and far (up to 303% further!) through a small diameter pipe, reducing odor and chance of blockage.

The TMW series also come with connectors for 3 different outlet hoses – 19, 25 and 38mm –  to accommodate retrofitting. Also, TMW toilets are economical with water: they generate half or full flushes, i.e. 1.2 or 2.2 liters.

An important part of VETUS philosophy is to provide innovation through design. The company supplies close to 4,000 technical products, mostly or partly designed by its own engineering team.