Vetus HPW water lock

SCHIEDAM – VETUS is finding many applications for Navidurin _ a proprietary special blended composite _ that the Dutch marine products developer and manufacturer says, “is proof of our commitment to create innovative solutions.”

VETUS is using Navidurin fir its high-performance, heavy-duty HPW series of water locks. These are temperature-resistant up to 260ºC and outperform standard GRP materials by 170%.

Navidurin resists thermal resistance to deformation under pressure. That makes the HPW series is ideal for use in systems that are put to the test, notably on commercial or coastguard vessels.

The ability to handle extreme conditions combined with rotating bodies and hose connections makes the HPW series an economical alternative to pricey, high-end, custom-made solutions.

The HPW series can be used on 152 mm internal hose diameters, 360-degree rotating bodies and hose connections. The locks are black and come with mounting brackets.

The HPW water locks feature a high-capacity waterlift design, excellent sound attenuation with minimal back pressure, rotating body and hose connections for easy installation and floor-mounting brackets