VETUS’ new common rail D-line engines – Compact, quiet engines with a 122-210HP output

SCHIEDAM, February 2017 ~ VETUS has recently introduced D-Line common-rail engines that stand out for running smoothly, silently, having a high power and torque and low revolutions. Highly reliable and durable, the D-Line common rail engines are well suited for onboard power hydraulics. Their power output ranges from 122HP to 210 HP.

VETUS says the engines conform to the new RCD2 emissions regulations. They feature a CAN bus system with a SAEJ1939 protocol, but can easily work with NMEA2000 systems on board as well.

The new VETUS engines have a water cooled top cover to reduce engine room heat and noise. The top cover doubles as a step. Also, the D-Line engines have smaller air filters to save engine room space and new exhaust manifold insulation. They come standard with high-output alternators (160 Amps) and electric fuel pumps. A 2nd alternator is an 0ption.

Other options include a calorifier /hot water tank kit, a fly-bridge instrument panel and a trolling valve. These options can be ordered separately, but will be installed on the engine when ordered as a complete package. The 6-cylinder engine can come with a separate fuel filter kit.

VETUS engines bring with them 50 years of experience in producing reliable and compact marine engines. All VETUS engines come with a 5-year warranty.