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Vetus: new F-line marine engines of 145-190 HP

SCHIEDAM – VETUS is introducing the new F-line common-rail, 4-cilinder engines with Canbus protocol in 3 models: the VF4.145, VF4.180 and VF4.200. The marine engines are designed for semi-planing and planing boats and can be supplied with a gearbox or a sterndrive.

The VF 4-cylinder, common-rail engines come with variable geometry turbochargers, which range from 145hp to 190 hp. They are compact, lightweight, have a good power-to-weight ratio and are very fuel efficient.

The new VF4 has a CAN bus system with SAEJ1939 protocol, but can also be used for NMEA2000. They suit newbuilds – like RIBs, small tenders and lightweight motorboats – and are also suitable as a replacement engine. The new VF4 fits to the same footprint as the previous model.

The new engines can be recognized by their V-shaped intercooler and a newly designed top cover. The latter can be used as a step and gives this range the well-known Vetus appearance. The wiring is of high-grade material and therefore less prone to interference. Components are rearranged for better accessibility and maintenance. The VF engines are available in gearbox and sterndrive version.

As an option the engines can be supplied with a potentiometer in case a mechanical remote control is required. The VF line meets the RCDS2013/53/EU emission regulations.