M-Line engines

SCHIEDAM – VETUS has developed an efficient solution to reduce heat build-up in the engine compartment by fitting a water-cooled aluminum top cover.

Located above the cylinder head, this cooling element absorbs radiant engine heat, an innovative solution that provides a 20% temperature reduction. Cooler ambient temperature provides a more fuel-efficient air supply to the engine and better combustion.

This unique VETUS solution is available for all manner of boats like launches, sailing yachts, canal boats and small cabin cruisers.

The aluminum top cover also cuts down on noise. Tests show that, combined with the newly designed air filter housing, there is a sound reduction of about 5 dB(A) and ‘near-silent’ operation at a cruising speed of around 2200 rpm.

VETUS’ M-Line engines are reliable and offer high power and torque output. They have a self-bleeding fuel system which is convenient after a fuel filter replacement

The M-Line comes standard with an electric fuel pump, has a high output marine alternator and its service parts are easily accessible for maintenance. Importantly, it also meets EU emission regulations.

Like all Vetus engines, the M-Line has a 5-year warranty.