SCHIEDAM – VETUS, the Dutch boat systems maker, has agreed to connect its BOW PRO thruster range to Yamaha’s Helm Master EX control system, which simplifies navigating and parking a boat exactly where and how you want it.

Combining VETUS Bow Pro thrusters and Yamaha’s HelmMasterEX (right) means a single intuitive joystick controls engine power and moves a boat in any direction regardless of side winds, tides and other environmental influences. Enhancing a helmsman’s boat control is useful when a heavy steering wheel may not be desirable or practical. The VETUS-Yamaha partnership was announced at the 2023 Boat Duesseldorf Show.

“Joystick control for outboards has opened up larger boats to a wider audience and reduced crew demands,” Says VETUS Sales Director Thijs Boegheim. “The capabilities of Yamaha’s Helm Master EX are almost magical to observe, as is the sight of twin outboards independently flicking between gear selections, throttle settings and steering inputs to keep a boat stationary.”

But there are limits to that magic.  “Only so much leverage transom-mounted outboards can exert on the bow of a long or heavy boat. There is a point where a thruster is required to extract the full benefits of the Helm Master EX to keep the control system user-friendly and intuitive. The two systems are fully compatible and integrated,” says Boegheim.

The proprietary VETUS motor controller also regulates the maintenance-free, brushless induction motors ensuring the thrusters are efficient and quiet. Active heat control and low power consumption give the BOW thrusters a runtime only limited by the battery pack size.