Vetus’ plug-and-play solution for no-stress electric boating

SCHIEDAM – Dutch marine engines and supplies maker Vetus is bringing to the market compact plug-and-play systems that integrate with its E-Drive electric propulsion systems. They give boaters more information about correctly powering and equipping their boats.

The company says its latest range of plug-and-play systems offers “high levels of connectivity and control for boat owners” and underscores its commitment to electric boating.

Vetus’ E-Pod and E-Line systems are suitable for new-built and refitting electric boats. Both integrate with NMEA2000 solutions via the Vetus CANV2N CANverter and modular digital CAN bus communication system VETUS V-CAN.

Uniquely, the systems give users crucial visibility of remaining battery charge and run-time when installing the CANNS500 battery monitoring shunt and the CANNME7 multifunction display.

The E-POD is a space-saving refit solution for sailboats with a sail drive, new-built sail, and motor crafts. It is the most efficient Vetus E-Drive system.

The Vetus E-Line engine, developed as a standard in-board diesel replacement, suits a range of boats, depending on the required speed and range, covering sail, power and narrow boats of about 11m (36ft) and up. It is designed to fit the existing propulsion foundation and propeller shaft installation.

The new Vetus CANNME7 multifunction display is compatible with the CANNS500 Digital Battery Monitoring Shunt and CANV2N CANverter series. Combined with the CANNS500, the shunt takes the damping effect of the big battery out of the mix, so the CANNME7 multifunction display gives a much more accurate idea of the remaining battery percentage charge and, therefore, usable range.

If the boater pushes the throttle too hard, the range will drop immediately. “Making some of the intelligent monitoring that electric car drivers have available to electric boaters is a key enabler in the more widespread adoption of electric boats,” says Arthur Roeling, Vetus’ Director R&D and Service.

“That’s an aim we wholeheartedly support at VETUS. It has been very heartening to see, in our testing, how skippers modify their throttle behavior when in possession of real-time range information.”

Vetus will be at these upcoming events: Barcelona: E 572; Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show: 412; METSTRADE – Vetus: 01.341, Maxwell: 09.406. International Workboat Show, New Orleans: 1001.