Vetus Product Alert: stable communication in long installations

SCHIEDAM — From stern to bow, the Vetus CAN repeater – CANR for short – is the ideal piece of technology to ensure ever-strong data transmission.

The Vetus CANR is a plug-and-play bridge that lets you extend the length of your CAN (controller Area Network) lines while maintaining stable communications. Out of the box, the CANR can be used in V-CAN, NMEA2000, and J1939 installations.

The CANR has been specially designed to enable you to do more. With only one CANR, you can double the recommended maximum length of your CAN line from 130 to 260 ft (40 to 80m). Need to go further? A second or even third CANR can be used to ensure signal strength. The CANR provides:

  • Compatibility with V-CAN, NMEA2000, and J1939.
  • Real-time behavior: data traffic is transmitted 1:1.
  • Increased system reliability.
  • More possibilities, fewer limitations with wiring.
  • The ability to extend your CAN line installation.
  • IP67 protection.
  • Temperature resistance up to 194 °F (90 °C).
  • The ability to be installed in damp locations.