SCHIEDAM – For over 50 years, VETUS has developed, made and marketed engines, generators and technical gear for leisure craft and small commercial vessels. Today, its inventory spans 4,000 products for 14 boat systems – from the engine room to the fly-bridge to the toilets.

The fields in which VETUS operates are getting more complex. Nowhere is that more evident than in electric propulsion. VETUS’ first foray into electric boating dates back 2 decades when it introduced the EP2200 unit.

VETUS e-line

To catch you up on developments since then, VETUS has published a 12-page electric propulsion brochure that covers the company’s latest boat system. In its new brochure, VETUS states “the sailing experience of the electric motor is designed in such a way it is as close as possible to that of sailing with an internal combustion engine.” It lists such unique benefits of the VETUS Electric Propulsion system as:

—Active Electric Braking (the e-motor’s high torque is used to change prop rotation to stop the boat within a boat length, if necessary.)

—Battery Protection function (The VETUS e-drive Motor Controller monitors the battery pack state of charge).

—Boosted Battery Charge function (a 24V charger can be used to charge up the required 48V battery pack for propulsion).

VETUS’ electric boating system has 5 modules. The system blocks are propulsion, control, monitoring, energy storage and energy supply.