Vetus stresses R&D – The origin of the 3-chamber NLP3 waterlock

SCHIEDAM, September 2017 ~ VETUS has been developing, making and selling marine engines and gear for recreational and small commercial vesselsfor more than 50 years. Today, it markets some 4.000 technical products, mostly or partly designed by VETUS’ own engineers.

One recent engineering triumph: Vetus’ 3-chamber NLP3 waterlock-muffler (photo) that achieves a more than respectable 10-dB noise reduction compared with 2-chamber systems.

VETUS Product Manager Patrick van Os said the question if a 3-chamber unit was realistic, made him put pen to paper. Soon he and his team were doing software simulations, followed by “a lot of real world testing to double-check the accuracy of the software simulations,” says Van Os. VETUS came up with an easy to handle waterlock. The NLP3 hose connections rotate 360-degrees. It made a 3D-printed prototype for more tests. “During the initial testing phase, we found that the sound reduction aspect of the 3 chambers was so effective that we had a ‘Eureka!’ moment,” says Van Os.