SCHIEDAM – The existing Bow Pro proportional bow thrusters from Vetus use proven induction motors without carbon brushes. As a result, the bow/stern motor is maintenance-free and has longer runtimes. Just the tailpiece and the power circuits need regular maintenance. The VETUS MCV motor controller controls the induction motor

The Bow Pro thruster is controlled by proprietary CANBUS protocol V-CAN (digital control). There are three proportional panels for the Bow Pro thruster series: a basic panel (BPPPA), a panel with a lock-and-hold function for easy docking (BPPJA) and a panel for the joystick which controls the bow and stern thrusters simultaneously (DBPPJA).

Bow Pro thrusters have a service life that depends on the required thrust. Only the tailpiece and primary power connections require maintenance. The Vetus MCV motor regulator controls the induction motor. It is suitable for both 12V and 24V onboard systems and for almost all boats.

At the 2021 METSTRADE (Nov. 16-18), Vetus will introduce the latest Bow Pro featuring a new controller, a new tailpiece, a new motor and suitable for larger boats.

You’ll find Vetus at Metstrade stands 01.341 & 07.518