VETUS universal inspection port for tanks

SCHIEDAM _ Vetus, the Dutch creator of boat systems, is marketing an innovative inspection port for tanks that feature a robust design. The large inspection port for tanks holding (bio)diesel fuel, fresh or waste water has a flange-in-ring design. This makes installing the port very easy in tanks made of most common materials.

With a 120mm. diameter, the port meets the ISO21487 regulations for fuel tanks. The inspection port is suitable for G.R.P., stainless steel and plastic tanks with different wall thicknesses. The counter flange and rubber seal are inserted in a 159mm. hole in the tank and then tightened by 4 bolts. When compressed, the rubber seal expands sideways to lock the inspection port into the tank. Cleaning and inspecting the tank has never been this easy.

Founded in 1964, Vetus has subsidiaries in 16 countries and a worldwide distribution and service network. The company develops products that are easy to install and need as little maintenance as possible. Its product portfolio comprises 4.000 technical products that are mostly or partly designed by Vetus’ 25-strong engineering team.