SCHIEDAM _ Vetus, the Dutch creator and manufacturer of boat systems, has launched the V-docker system that works with a single, mechanically controlled engine and a combination of bow and stern thrusters.

This combination, says Vetus, ensures an optimal use of generated forces and renders power exactly where needed. The V-docker is designed to end nail-biting moments in marina docking.

Where other systems employ opposing forces at the stern of the boat, the Vetus system just needs a nudge of the thruster to tip the bow in the right direction. Because of the precise cooperation between thrusters and engine, drifting is a thing of the past. The V-docker evenly distributes the forces over the boat’s front and rear making the job of nudging your boat in a tight spot very easy.

The black-styled joystick allows retrofitting on existing vessels. The V-docker’s sail-by-wire system replaces the mechanically controlled throttle lever, enabling single-handed boat control. It works with in and outboard engines, will be available in 2 different kits – one for boats with regular bow thrusters, the other for retractable thrusters. Thrusters need to be ordered separately.

The V-docker features unrivalled ease of installation, can be retro-fitted, is competitively priced and can installed on multiple helm stations.