44m sailing yacht by Vitters shipyard

ZWARTSLUIS – Vitters Shipyard returned from the Monaco Yacht Show with an order for a 44m (144ft) performance sailing yacht that will boast quick sail changes without the crew having to schlep heavy sail bags across the foredeck.  The yard said the sleek, modern performance yacht will be delivered in early 2024.

It will feature twin helm seating, much comfort, high-end interior styling, and a superstructure with lots of glass providing broad views of the world outside. The yacht features two outside seating areas and a sunbathing pad.

More importantly, it will feature very innovative solutions that make sailing less work and pain. Vitters’ strong suit is developing and building large sailing yachts and optimize their size, comfort, power, and performance. “We feel that in every step of the process, there’s the possibility of adding a spark of magic,” says the yard.

The yacht ordered at Monaco will have twin V-drums under the foredeck, pioneered by Vitters engineers. The V-Drum provides for easy sail changes with a small crew. It is a compact, onboard sail storage device that frees the crew from dragging heavy sail bags over the deck, reducing the risk of damaging the teak deck and other fancy deckware. While the Genua is furled around the forestay, the Code Sail and Staysail are raised from, and lowered, into the V-drums.

44m sailing yacht by Vitters shipyard

The V-drum is essentially a development of fishing net reel technology. Never specified for sails before, Vitters’ engineers did extensive testing on various sizes of furled sails and calculated what forces may be applied without damaging the sailcloth. Since Anatta, a yacht Vitters delivered in 2012, the system has been installed on a handful of yachts. Over time, Vitters applied refinements based on hands-on experience gained. The current system was given the moniker V-Drum.

The yacht will also have two ‘submarine’ anchor systems. Due to the modern design of the bow, a conventional over-the-bow anchor system risks damaging the hull. The ‘submarine’ system goes through the hull below the waterline.

The yacht also has a ‘peak-shaving” battery system for efficient power management.

Vitters Shipyard Marketing Manager Bas Peute said, “The project team worked intensively together to fulfill the owner’s requirements of building a safe and comfortable superyacht that also performs well in all weather conditions.”

The 44m sloop-rigged yacht will have large deck spaces, aft and forward. The large, covered cockpit has room to relax and dine, shielded from the elements. The transom area can be converted into a close-to-sea-level beach club. The deckhouse has a full-length skylight.  The naval architecture is by Reichel Pugh, of San Diego, CA, and the interior styling is the work of Britain’s Design Unlimited.