50m Meraki

ZWARTSLUIS – Vitters Shipyard has delivered a slender, 163ft. ketch that oozes the beguiling “classic above – modern below” styling that is the trademark of Andre Hoek’s studio.

Above the waterline is very classic. Below it, very modern. The yacht was built to Lloyd’s LY3 standard in high tensile-strength aluminum, based on construction drawings by Hoek Design.

The design work of Meraki started with the development and optimization of hull, deck, and interior layout. Guiding Hoek Design was performance, reliability, and comfort as the owner plans to both race and cruise.

The project began with extensive research comparing different hull models, beam length and displacement length ratios. Hoek Design also looked at keel designs using a Velocity Prediction Program, computational fluid dynamics analysis and tank testing.

Meraki in transport to launch

The VPP program used is one Hoek Design built based on Hoek Design vessels that over the years have come into service. Since 1987, Hoek’s range of classic yachts consists of custom projects of 33-262ft. They are sloops, schooners and ketches, all having their own distinctive interiors, sail plans and layouts.

The 50-m Meraki features sleek lines with reduced freeboard and low deckhouses which allow the helmsman unrivalled visibility over the deck. Meraki’s hull is one of the first large yachts with a slight “tumble home” It provides extra righting moment at the optimum angle of heel and contributes to the overall beauty of the boat. The keel was designed with a large center board to improve her upwind performance.

The team extensively optimized and tested the sail plan that includes a mizzen jib, a mizzen staysail and gennaker. A Code Zero or Gennaker can be set on the main mast. For racing, the cruising Yankee staysail can be changed for a blade or genoa.

The deck layout of Meraki features a large center cockpit with 2 steering stations. Forward of the main deckhouse is another cockpit area for quests or crew. There is an aft owner’s deckhouse and cockpit connected to the owner’s cabin.

Vitters Shipyard built the hull, handled the technical engineering and made the custom deck hatches.

www.hoekdesign.com / www.vitters.com.