Vripack’s freewheeling Vrithinking debuts in Dubai

SNEEK _ In the world of superyachts, the word ‘innovation’ is often dropped with abandon. But not when the Vripack design and naval architecture studio takes the stage and opens up about its form-and-function “holistic approach” to design that yields comfortable, safe and better boats in less time.

Vripack is an enfant terrible, but one with significant bragging rights. Its portfolio spans 7,400+ projects in the yachting and commercial sectors. The studio eats, drinks and breathes design. And, if you are lucky, it takes you on wild rides.

Not long ago, Vripack took yachting media types on a stroll through Amsterdam to take in urban colors, shapes, smells and fabrics. It had them spray graffiti on a derelict wall, just to experience colors and shapes. Ahead of every METSTRADE show, Vripack hosts an evening of very brief presentations of very edgy ideas, technologies and products. These can be unrelated to the yachting industry. Just to get you thinking out of the box.

Traditionalists may roll their eyes at Vripack’s VriThink philosophy aimed at reeling in a new generation of yacht owners. But the studio comes up with fun and interesting stuff that is a breath of fresh air in a very button-down industry.

Like the studio’s inaugural VriThink’s Night Out on Feb. 27 at the Dubai Boat Show. Don’t miss it! A dozen speakers get only 5 minutes to present a project or idea _ with the help of max 20 slides. It is a chance for designers to flaunt creative work, ideas or concepts. Perhaps a yacht, a new design, a trend or an idea the world needs to know about. You have one?  Call Vripack!

Willemijn Berkhout

The Dubai Vrithink line-up includes Willemijn Berkhout of Project MARCH which designs and develops every year a new innovative, versatile exoskeleton _ a motorized robotic harness that enables people with a spinal cord injury to stand up and walk again. Project MARCH believes that by improving this technology every year, exoskeletons will contribute to the quality of life of wheelchair-bound people in the future.