Een van de sponsors staat prominent op het Waarschip W36.

THE HAGUE – They have been building Waarschip sailing yachts in the Netherlands for more than 50 years. Today, with the brand in its 3rd generation, more than 5,000 grace inland and offshore waters worldwide. Waarschips come in wood and composite versions.
Taking part in the world championships this summer is the latest from Waarschip, the very edgy 11m. W36 Worlds 2018 Edition. It combines sustainability and construction innovation to deliver top notch racing quality.

Drawn by Peltzer Performance Design, the W36 has been extensively optimized for the world event in the North Sea, off The Hague, July 12-20. The boat is made of FSC-certified wood to give it a post-racing future. Many racing yachts are summarily discarded after their last regatta. The W36’s construction is carbon-neutral, says the builder.

Its wooden hull is treated with a bio-degradable resin and then oven-baked for more stiffness and strength. This makes for a light, but strong boat that is more durable than boats made of composite or carbon materials. “We use a new material for building boats that are strong, durable and re-usable,” says Erik van Vuuren, the man behind the W36 project.