Waiting for superyachts spurs pre-owned sales

LONDON _ In 2018, Dutch builders turned out superyachts at a healthy clip. And sales of pre-owned, Dutch-built yachts weren’t shabby either, spurred by long waiting times for new yachts, according to industry insiders.

Last year, the global brokerage market “racked up another blistering performance,” reports Boat International, the definitive guide to luxury yachts and the yachting lifestyle. In all, it said, “434 superyachts changed hands, with a total asking price of €4.26 billion.”

Italian-built yachts topped the 2018 brokerage market (138 sold, good for 32% of the global market). Next came the USA (94 yachts, 21.7%) and the Netherlands (50 yachts, 11.5%). Taiwan and Britain shared 4th place.

Jubilee (Ph. Oceanco)

Boat International reported a “surge in the top echelon.” In 2018, brokers sold 12 yachts exceeding 70m, up from 8 in 2017. These included the 110m, Oceanco-built Jubilee _ the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands _ that in 2017 was valued at $310 million.

Boat International credits long waiting times for new yachts and younger buyers entering the market at the top end for the surge in pre-owned yacht sales. Strong demand for superyachts has most Dutch builders building on spec.