HEEG – Wajer Yachts has acquired Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders to gain production capacity to meet the growing demand for its fast, luxurious open day-boats of up to 23.5m (77ft).

Wajer sees demand growing from the USA. It has many clients there and expects to open a private marina – Wajer Bay – in Miami in December.

A Wajer 38S built by Zaadnoordijk

The company says the acquisition of Zaadnoordijk is an opportunity to ensure continuity. In the past 20 years, Zaadnoordijk has already built hulls for Wajer. Zaadnoordijk is finishing a Wajer-77, the brand’s largest model introduced last year.

Zaadnoordijk has a production facility of 5,000 m2. Its acquisition by Wajer Yachts saves the job of 60 Zaadnoordijk employees.

Zaadnoordijk owner Jan Muller welcomed the acquisition.

“Twenty years ago, I started working together with Dorus Wajer. It is great that both companies have gone through a wonderful development and are now continuing under one banner.” Wajer Yachts Managing Director Dries Wajer said two decades of collaboration means “the history we share creates much trust. We are happy to join forces.”

Zaadnoordijk also builds sailing yachts under the name C-Yacht of which more than 7,000 boats have been made since 1968.