Wajer builds full-service hubs; targets The Hamptons

By Robert Wielaard

HEEG _ Wajer Yachts, maker of elegant, fast dayboats, is beefing up its hubs network. In recent years it opened sites in Ibiza and St. Tropez and, in 2019, in Mallorca. Wajer is also weighing the US East Coast, notably The Hamptons, the Long Island playground of the very rich, 100 miles east of New York.

Wajer-55 flagship

In 2010, the average Hamptons house price was $2 million. By 2016, it was $8.5 million. “We already sold some yachts in The Hamptons,” Wajer Yachts Marketing & Communications Manager Hannie Steeman tells DutchYachtBuilding. “Of course, we would own a hub there and run the business ourselves. That is the only way to translate the Wajer concept.” At its hubs, Wajer Yachts provides a vast range of custom services and is expanding its fleet.

It has already sold 45 of its 16m. Wajer-55 flagship. Soon it will launch the Wajer 55-S, a lighter, faster, more versatile version of which it has already sold 12, said Steeman.


The 55-S comes with Wajer’s high-quality finishing, comfort and performance. It has a hardtop roof of removable panels to shade the lounging area aft of the captain’s seats. The outdoor galley has a grill, refrigerator and icemaker. There is a center console that offers more space to walk, talk and chill. The 3 cabins down below sleeps 4 to 6, has a fully equipped bathroom and space for sports gear.

The 55S has top speed of 40+ knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots. The design is by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and the naval architecture by Vripack.

Steeman says Wayer Yachts is not interested in simply running up big sales numbers. “What we strive for is structured growth. We do not want to be the biggest. We want to be the best.”

So far so good. Founded in 1992, Wajer Yachts has built over 515 yachts and captain’s launches and a reputation for turning out high-quality craft: a “Captain’s Launch” and superfast dayboats from 37 to 55 ft. Coming soon: a Wajer Yacht 38L, a limo version of the company’s most successful model.

Today, 70% of Wajer Yachts are used as day boats. The remaining ends up in the superyacht market. The key to Wajer’s success, says Steeman, are owner services. “In St. Tropez alone we look after 67 Wajers. We have 30 guys there, cleaning, sailing and taking care of the Wajer Yachts.”