WhisperPower sees strong growth

DRACHTEN – Founded only in 2007, WhisperPower has become a global factor in the manufacture of combined hybrid power and propulsion systems. Today, only 12 years later, its hefty, mostly made-in-Holland product range, finds clients in more than 50 countries, across different market sectors.

WhisperPower markets hybrid power systems for superyachts, recreational craft, commercial vessels, cars and clients in isolated off-grid locations. Its power options range from 500 watts to 500 kW.  Its success stems to a large degree from its ‘New School’ systems. Introduced to Dutch customers in the marine and mobile markets in recent years, these are today enjoying increasing international recognition because they reduce diesel generator running time.

At the heart of those systems are heavy-duty DC-to-AC inverters ranging from 4-50 kVA, durable ION batteries, integrated solar power and WhisperPower’s patented ‘Genverter’ generators. Equipped with a permanent magnet alternator, the latter delivers a balance between desired power, energy use and noise level.

The Genverter is compact and light-weight. The Genverter Scalino (output 4.4 kVA) weighs only 73 kg! Here are some WhisperPower success stories:

WhisperPower assembly hall

— Britain’s National Health Service has 6 medical trailers fitted with integrated WhisperPower power systems based on ION batteries, 14 kVA inverters and Genverter back-up systems. These reduce diesel generator running time from non-stop to 2 hours a day and were supplied through Webasto UK which also handles support.

— WhisperPower is filling an order for electrical systems (27 kVA each) on 3 German SAR boats to be built Fassmer, near Bremen. Fassmer has already built many SAR vessels, patrol and police boats equipped WhisperPower systems.

—Webasto Germany has entered the professional mobile market by supplying WhisperPower systems based on 2-volt cells. WhisperPower ‘New school’ systems are replacing diesel gensets as a hybrid solution for sewage trucks systems.

—Bcool, WhisperPower’s partner in Italy, engaged Franchini Yachts, a new customer installing complete systems on their newly-designed power boat, the MIA 63.

—Webasto Iberica recently sold a WhisperPower system for a 50ft. Lagoon sailing catamaran, replacing a conventional system.

— WhisperPower Germany has convinced Sirius Yachts to standard-install WhisperPower systems on its deck-saloon style yachts. It is also installing a WhisperCare router package that monitors a WhisperPower electrical system remotely in real time based on a 4G internet connection.