WhisperPower’s new generation of 24V battery chargers

DRACHTEN _ WhisperPower, the Dutch maker of diesel generators and related gear, has added the Supreme Pro battery charger series to its portfolio. The company says it developed the series to meet more stringent requirements that shipping and industry installations impose on power electronics.

Commercial ships, superyachts and industrial installations come with ever more complex electronic gear requiring an uninterrupted power supply. As a result, increasingly higher demands are placed on the DC voltage stability, interference suppression and system integration with navigation and communication systems.

“We see that, within our market sector, little is being renewed in the field of charging technology for professional applications and yet more and more requirements and regulations have to be met,” says WhisperPower owner Roel ter Heide.

This has led his company to work on a new range of safe, robust 24V WP-BC Supreme Pro chargers with the highest interference suppression Class B, standard UL conformity and, for the professional maritime sector, DNV, GL and ABS certification.