VETUS' E-Line engine

SCHIEDAM – Twenty or so years ago, VETUS showed its knack for pioneering boat systems by launching the EP2200 electric engine. These days it markets an improved all-in-one solution through a new “Electric Propulsion” boat system.

Electric boating by VETUS means noiseless, emission-free sailing with diesel engine-equivalent power. VETUS has always marketed innovation through design, easy installation, complete boat system thinking and global availability. It offers a worldwide 3-year warranty for equipment and a 5-year warranty for engines.

The VETUS Electric propulsion systems group spans different modules. E-Line engines replicate sailing with an internal combustion engine, but without emissions and noise!

Active Electric Braking

The E-Line and E-Pod thruster system accelerates faster than a diesel engine. No gearbox and clutch needed! So when reversing the prop, the complete high-speed electric motor has to come to a full stop immediately and then rotate in the opposite direction. To enable a quick reverse power maneuver, VETUS has developed Active Electric Braking. The E-line’s high torque changes the prop’s rotation quickly. Active Electric Braking can stop a boat within a boat’s length.

Battery Protection function

The E-line’s Battery Protection function ensures the battery pack is not unnecessarily damaged, securing the battery’s service life cycle for the present and future boating seasons. Discharging a battery pack below the specified minimum voltage will damage the batteries and reduce the life span. To prevent this, the patented Motor Controller of the VETUS e-drives monitors the battery pack’s state of charge by verifying voltage and current draw.

Boosted Battery Charge

Another unique E-line engine feature is the patented Boosted Battery Charge function. Using the Boosted Battery Charge function, a 24 VDC charger can charge the required 48 VDC battery pack for propulsion. This is an economic advantage as the 24 VDC battery charger is more common and offers a boat builder an effortless way to provide a low voltage