World’s first hybrid boiler – KB Ecoline is quiet energy saver

VIANEN _ Kabola Heating Systems, a Dutch maker of oil-fired central-heating systems, won a special mention of the Dame Design Awards at the 2017 METSTRADE for its KB-Ecoline series.

The world’s first hybrid, environmentally-friendly boiler is a 100% soot-free, uses up to 30% less energy, 15% less fuel while remaining 94% efficient. The jury praised Kabola for coming up with a hybrid electric-diesel boiler that generated heat quietly “through the judging rounds.”

The Kabola KB Ecoline Series is a series of automated, carbon-free oil-fired boilers of 8-80 kW. Their ‘Blue Flame Technology results in no soot emission, lower fuel and lower power consumption. The boilers can be connected to central heating, hot air, floor heating and air conditioning systems. Thanks to the soot-free operation, the system is easy to maintain.

Kabola has sales points across the Netherlands and in Belgium, Italy, Britain, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, the US and Turkey. Kabola’s portfolio also includes HR series (oil-fired boilers generating up to 20kW) for long-term or permanent use on sailing and motor yachts, the COMPACT 7 (the world’s smallest diesel-fired boiler delivering 7kW) and the B series (29 to 116 kw) for commercial ships and industrial applications.

Corporate snapshot

Kabola was founded in 1947 to cater to commercial shipping. In the 1980s, it added central heating systems for motor boats and yachts. Today it supplies central heating boilers for continuous use, designing, building and selling a range of boilers for yachts, trucks, businesses and homes.

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