WRF makes good tracks in yacht sustainability. As you’ll see at the MYS

By Robert Wielaard

AMSTERDAM – Amid the riot of superyacht sustainability ideas, initiatives, and claims these days, the unique work of the Water Revolution Foundation stands out as the most impressive. As you will see at the 2022 Monaco Yacht show.

The WRF says its ‘Yacht Environmental Transparency Index’ (YETI) – an industry-wide green gauge for large yachts – is in its “fleet review phase.”  It invites owners and operators of “as many different yachts as possible” to share their vessel’s data to test the calculator for reliable ‘green credentials.’

The WRF’s YETI project is still in development. Still, the group will publicly flaunt its work at a ‘Sustainability Hub’ at the Monaco Yacht Show, featuring the most advanced companies and solutions regarding sustainability.

Robert van Tol

“The Sustainability Hub is a crucial achievement,” says WRF co-founder and executive director Robert van Tol. “The MYS’ new exhibition area is designed to showcase technologies that will bring concrete improvements to the world of yachting.”

The sustainability exhibit will celebrate proven technologies that will bring concrete improvements in making large yachts more sustainable. We make every effort to find, verify, promote and reward sustainable solutions,” says Van Tol.

The WRF, says MYS Managing Director Gaëlle Tallarida, is best placed “to select the eligible companies to exhibit at the Sustainability Hub.” The MYS wants to support “the development of real environmental solutions in yachting.”

Hanna Dabrowska, naval architect and sustainable design specialist
Hanna Dabrowska, naval architect and sustainable design specialist

The WRF recently welcomed Hanna Dabrowska, a naval architect and sustainable design specialist with 16+ years of experience, into its YETI project. Her work at several superyacht builders in the Netherlands and elsewhere “has equipped her with detailed knowledge of superyacht naval architecture and the processes surrounding it,” says Van Tol.

The YETI project now focuses on yachts’ operational profile, particularly their power use for propulsion and hotel accommodations. It has drafted an average operational profile applicable to anything from fast motor yachts to sailing yachts. By combining all vessels in one scope, says the WRF, their environmental profiles can be accurately compared.

Initiated by Bram Jongepier, senior designer at Feadship-De Voogt Naval Architects, YETI is a tool to compare yachts based on their environmental credentials. It lays the groundwork for more informed decisions for new-build projects and upgrades of existing yachts.

The WRF now has 13 ‘anchor’ partners, builders, and superyacht-related companies keen to reduce their ecological footprint. Additionally, 45 companies and individuals across several partner categories support more sector sustainability.