Yards band together to fill boatshow gap year

TER AAR – The cancellation of many boat shows in 2020 in the Netherlands and elsewhere is not something Dutch manufacturers take lying down. While they say they understand the reasons for the cancellations, they insist they have much to show, too much to announce now.

Contest Yachts 62CS

Some brands are staging their shows and keep an eye on health and safety rules mandated by the coronavirus.

Sept. 4-6 – Medemblik

Four Dutch builders – Jachtwerf Heeg, Contest Yachts, Saffier Yachts and Admiral Tender – will jointly flaunt their stuff at “a small-scale event to an international water sports audience.”

Saffier SE 37 Lounge

The event at the home of Contest Yachts will also feature marine suppliers De Stille Boot (electric boating), Raymarine, Kuipers insurance, Harken and VyvaFabrics. There will also be lectures and workshops.

Jachtwerf Heeg makes the open daysailers Randmeer and G2, the Splash sailboat for youngsters and the Pointer 22 and 25 cabin cruisers.

Contest Yachts makes high-end sailboats of 42-85ft. and a 52ft motor yacht in 5 versions. All built to enjoy coastal, offshore and bluewater conditions.

Saffier Yachts manufactures high-end daysailers up to 37ft, in the elegance and classic versions. Any Saffier Yacht can be controlled by the helmsman alone.

Admiral Tender 565

Admiral Tender turns out luxury 28ft craft in 3 versions. The 2nd generation Classic has recently been completely renewed.

www.dutchyachtingweekend.nl. (from Aug. 1, 2020)

Sept. 12-13 – Ter Aar

“This cancellation (of boat shows) got us thinking,” says Vedette Jachtbouw on its website. “We think that with the current Corona measures we can stage our own Open House show.”

Vedette 9.30 cabin Comfort

The yard makes boats from 17-48ft. It has 12 vessels in build and will stage its Vedette Boat Show Sept. 12-13. On display will be a dozen Vedettes, from the Vedette 8.3 Cabin to the Vedette Cantia 31 Launch. There will also be some industry suppliers on hand.