Zeelander launches N. American division to raise client services

By Robert Wielaard

FORT LAUDERDALE – Zeelander Yachts, the Dutch builder of high-end motorboats of 40-70 ft. (12-21m.), has upgraded its Fort Lauderdale, Fla. office to the home of its newly created North American division.

“Some 75% of our owners are in America,” Zeelander says Marketing Coordinator Floris Koopmans. “We want to step up technical services for our clients there and develop stronger relationships with them.”

Zeelander 72

The company has a 4-strong sales force in South Florida. Zeelander is currently building 2 demo yachts, a Z55 and Z72, for sale in the USA.

Initially, Zeelander built its Z34 in Holland, Michigan, but moved all production to the Netherlands in 2002. “Our boats are made in the Netherlands but developed for the US market. All parts are available also in the US,” says Koopmans.

Zeelanders hark back to the ‘commuter yachts’ of the 1930s that ferried US tycoons from their tony estates to their Manhattan offices and back. By now, the Zeelander fleet comprises 40+ yachts.

Last year, Zeelander launched a new 72ft (22m) flagship, a luxury, latter-day commuter yacht made of superyacht-quality materials. Zeelander Yachts start at about €3.3 million (+ VAT).

Zeelander 44

The company also markets the more versatile, down-market DutchCraft motor yachts, starting with the 25ft. (8m.) full electric, carbon fiber tender.

Zeelander will be exhibiting at the Palm Beach International Boat Show (26-29 March)